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We all know there will be a new normal…   What will it look like, and how will it affect our organizations? That question is haunting most CEOs that we talk with.

“We need creative solutions to address “The New Normal” … how do I foster such creativity in my team?”
“As a CEO, it can be lonely at the top… and now, it’s even lonelier. Where do I go to inspire creativity?”
“Some experts say that we may be living under the influence of COVID for 2 to 5 years.  What changes are other CEOs contemplating to adjust?  survive?  thrive?”

The changes ushered in by this pandemic experience will change the nature of work and organizations forever.  

The immediately obvious changes; remote work, the need for connectedness, new technologies, and altered mindsets are just the tip of a very large, unknown iceberg.

Our Response

In response to input we have received from CEOs across the country, we are organizing The Interchange:

a virtual community of CEOs from Healthcare, Human Services, Education, Startups and Private Industry from across the country. 

The Interchange offers a facilitated, collaborative approach for stimulating innovative solutions to the challenges all CEOs face today. 

It is an opportunity to develop coaching relationships with a group of mission-focused CEOs who value integrity, and personal growth.

The format is an inquiry; a willingness to ask lots of questions, knowing that no one of us has the answers, but that together we can find the way forward.

How Does It Work?

The Interchange series will consist of monthly 2.5-hour meetings via Zoom, facilitated by the Phoenix Coaches. 
We use Zoom breakout rooms, whiteboard, polling via Survey Monkey and frequent breaks to keep us all engaged and avoid Zoom Fatigue. 
Each meeting will begin with the presentation of a thought starter such as a short article that outlines some innovative approach or concept.
Virtual breakout rooms will be used so that smaller groups  of 7 to 9 CEOs can have a chance for creative discussion and idea exchange before coming back to debrief in the larger group.
A second breakout will be utilized to discuss how the best ideas might be executed in your organization, followed by a debrief in the larger group.
In this way, we can “seed” thinking with innovative concepts from organizational thought leaders and co-create ideas and innovative approaches with your peers. 
The last half hour will be spent in breakout groups for one CEO in each group to gain input/coaching from peers on an issue of significance that he/she is wrestling with (each CEO will have a turn during the 6-month series).
To accompany The Interface series, Phoenix is offering coaching calls with one of our coaches on a per call basis for CEOs who want a “deeper dive” into the subject between sessions.

The Details

The Interchange series will be held on the Zoom platform and will consist of six, two-and one-half hour meetings (9:00am-11:30am Eastern Time) held monthly.  We will conduct two preparatory sessions preceding the series:

  • A 1.5-hour Introduction/Orientation session 2 weeks prior to the first series session.

  • A one-on-one review of each CEOs personalized Insight Coaching System™; a coaching tool that participants will utilize to foster their personal growth with one of the Phoenix coaches.  This will be held after the Introduction/Orientation and within the first month of The Interchange series.

“It would be great to have relationships with CEOs from other sectors who have a growth mindset … who think strategically.”
“I am not going to the National Conference this year so it would be great to have a stimulating forum to provoke thought.”

Why Phoenix?


For 30 years, Phoenix Performance Partners has been helping CEOs create high performing cultures.  We are known for:

helping clients get to the root-cause of difficult-to-discuss, high-stakes issues in a manner that is direct, supportive and valuable.  ​

facilitating the development of open, collaborative, coaching cultures that inspire creativity, engagement, innovation, and improved results.

Proudly rated 5-Stars on Google by clients

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"This work with Phoenix has completely exceeded my expectations, and we now have a significantly better team as a result."

Rashod R. Johnson ~ President & CEO, Ardmore-Roderick, Chicago, IL

We partnered with the University of Southern California, to determine whether our Transformational Leadership Project is effective and that clients are getting what they are promised—value that exceeds their investment. We also wanted to complete the following objectives:

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