Creating Inclusive Cultures

This experiential program (formerly called Courageous Conversations) is for teams of leaders, managers and key personnel who want to become more adept at being inclusive.  

The team format provides an opportunity to implement a rapid shift in an organizations’ culture by: 

  1. Equipping the individuals on your team with the ability to engage in and facilitate all forms of contentious discussions in a manner that promotes inclusion and strengthens relationships.

Learn the conscious application of specific thinking styles, skills and emotional intelligence.  

Become adept at:

  • recognizing your unconscious biases, 

  • listening for understanding, 

  • suspending judgement,  

  • controlling your fear-based emotions.  


  2. Equipping team members to support one another in utilizing these tools.


  3. Establishing new cultural norms that specifically foster inclusion and belonging.

The specific subjects covered are as follows:

The brain science of Bias

Being the leader: open, curious, courageous, responsible, kind.

Ground rules to create a safe space

Embracing emotion

A Creating Inclusive Cultures template will be provided in digital format to each participant that can be printed and used as a guide in conducting courageous conversations in the workplace after the program.

Skills for supportive coaching

Creating Inclusive Cultures for Teams is customized for your team, based on your goals, challenges, logistics and industry. 


If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. We will be happy to engage with you to co-create an approach that will work for your team.

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