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Client & Coach Relationship

Coach’s Role

As your coaches, we agree to do the following during our coaching relationship:

  • Create a safe and trusting environment that supports a collaborative coaching process

  • Hold your agenda as the primary focus of our coaching relationship and sessions

  • Be honest, direct, and uncompromising in service to your growth

  • Take risks in asking the hard and even challenging questions sometimes that support your agenda and  ensure the coaching remains productive and focused

  • Review progress and help identify barriers

  • Note: If at any time the Coach feels that the client is at risk of harming themselves or others the coach has permission to take appropriate action

Client’s Role​​

As the client, I agree to do the following during our coaching relationship:​


  • Initiate coaching sessions, keep scheduled appointments and be on time

  • Shape the agenda.  You get to decide what the subjects are and how deep you want to go.

  • Make arrangements to avoid distraction and be focused during my coaching session

  • Bring my specific topic which I want to be coached on

  • Be honest and open.

  • Be open-minded and willing to receive and consider challenging questions, look at different perspectives, stretch into new skills, and take on new approaches

  • Either accept, reject, or negotiate for something else when my coach makes requests of me in service of my goals and agenda.

  • Accept complete responsibility for the decisions I make and the consequences of those decisions.  My coaches job is to provide different perspectives and possibilities to consider, and thus do not provide any directives.

  • Empower the coaching relationship to be successful; and when the coaching relationship is not working as I desire, communicate and pro-actively take necessary steps to redesign our coaching relationship to meet my changing needs​

Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement below: 

We hold a high standard of professionalism that reflects:



We will hold all of the information that we discuss to be completely confidential and never to be shared with anyone other than yourself without direct, verbal or written permission authorized by you. This confidentiality agreement can be broken without your express permission is if: 1) we perceive that you are a potential danger to yourself or to another person. 2) You confide in us something that we are later compelled by law to disclose. We are then obligated by law to break this confidentiality agreement.​

The Phoenix Performance Partners organization is committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment for our clients on their journey to personal and professional growth. To ensure a successful and mutually beneficial coaching relationship, we implement a "releasing, indemnifying, and hold harmless" clause in our client agreements. This clause is designed to protect both parties involved, with a focus on maintaining a constructive and positive coaching experience. By agreeing to this, clients acknowledge that the coaching process is a collaborative effort, and any decisions made or actions taken based on the coaching relationship are ultimately the responsibility of the client. This clause ensures that the coaching company is held harmless from any legal or financial liabilities that may arise from the client's choices or actions, encouraging a sense of accountability and empowerment throughout the coaching journey.


We believe that this approach fosters trust, open communication, and a secure space for clients to explore their potential and achieve their goals.

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