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Dr. Thomas Mahoney.jpg
Dr. Thomas Mahoney

Superintendent ~ Community Unit School District #220, Oregon, IL

“We have achieved a greater than 25% increase in academic achievement over last year. More evidence of the impact of our work with Phoenix Performance Partners.”

Rashod R. Johnson, PE

President & CEO ~ Ardmore-Roderick, Chicago, IL

“As a naturally skeptical person and engineer who needs lots of data and information, I was a little uneasy if we would really get the amount of value that I wanted from Tom & Brad (Phoenix Performance Partners).
However, this work has completely exceeded my expectations, and frankly, we now have a significantly better team as a result. The work we did with you enabled us to grow 3 fold over the last 3 years. Phoenix has exceeded my expectations, and we now have a significantly better team as a result.

I am confident that we are going to be a national engineering firm by 2025, and now we have the tools needed to make that goal a reality.”

Dave Gehm

CEO ~ Wellspring Lutheran Services, MI

“Wellspring has been working with Phoenix Performance for several months, including an intensive off-site retreat with me and my team. I’ve been CEO of Wellspring for 25 years, and have been through several “programs” to increase effectiveness and capacity. I can honestly say I have never experienced the kind of results we’re beginning to see with Brad and Tom – particularly around two elements:

1) the personal growth I am experiencing (even after all these years) and the same I’m witnessing in my team (by their disclosure) is unlike anything else I/we have ever done


2) the efficiency of the team, the clarity of our work together, and the overall impact on our organization are already evident.

I am witnessing spontaneous acts of accountability. 

That said, be careful what you wish for – they will challenge you and push you and poke you into discomfort, only because they are really good at what they do and they genuinely care about the folks they serve. Extraordinary.”

David Guth CEO Centerstone
David Guth

CEO ~ Centerstone America, Nashville, TN

“In my nearly 30 years of executive leadership, I have never encountered management consultants in Phoenix Performance Partners’ league. They are smart, insightful and truly committed to the success of their customers. Their work has been enormously beneficial to the organization, and to me, personally.”

Tasha Blackmon Cherry Health
Tasha Blackmon

CEO ~ Cherry Health, Grand Rapids, MI

“Executive coaching from Phoenix Performance Partners has been an extremely edifying and invaluable way to sharpen my skills and build new skills. They have helped me to work through a variety of challenges with no judgment. After each coaching session, I have felt extremely empowered and refreshed, even if what I heard on the other line challenged my way of thinking, or made me realize how I might have contributed to a situation or circumstance.” 

Kathy Welch-Torres CA
Kathleen Welch-Torres

Director of Clinical Services ~ Child & Family Guidance Center, Northridge, CA

“Phoenix positioned us well to face further economic challenges posed by federal and state cutbacks. We raised our standards in a supportive culture that promoted staff leadership and commitment to our mission. Our net result: a 19.6% increase in productivity and a decrease in turnover.”

The agency turned to Phoenix Performance Partners for assistance after suffering a significant deficit, due to low productivity, high turnover, and federal and state cutbacks.

Dennis McDavid.jpeg
Dennis McDavid

Superintendent of Schools ~ Berkley School District,​ Berkley, MI

“This is the best investment I have made in my time as Superintendent. Phoenix is as committed to our kids as we are. And their approach is different from anything I’ve seen in my 30 years as a professional.

People have an increased level of confidence in themselves and their teammates.

We will continue to work with them to build capacity within our organization to intentionally grow and develop our school Principals and all of our people.


I highly recommend them for any school district looking to improve, grow, and take it to the next level.”

Eric Cummins CEO SJO
Eric Cummins

CEO ~ St. Joseph's Orphanage, Cincinnati, OH

“Phoenix Performance Partners helped jump-start our change initiative that shaved months off of our implementation. They were instrumental in moving our executive and leadership teams into a new era of providing services. Their team building and coaching taught us all how to stretch ourselves, and to grow and think in new ways. We will use Phoenix in the future.”

Client challenge: Changing the mindset of established leaders in a well-regarded but struggling organization


A prominent non-profit with a long history and excellent reputation recruited Eric Cummins to be CEO. When he arrived, he found multiple operational and service areas in dire need of improvement.

  • Services needed to be dramatically retooled.

  • The organization was entrenched in practices deeply rooted in the past and needed a cultural shift.

  • Staff used age-old processes and procedures rather than the current best practices.

  • There was little focus on financial viability; they had been running deficits of 5% - 8% of revenues.

  • The centralized approach to management was ineffective; middle managers had no sense of accountability for or control over their departments or programs.


Phoenix Solution: Transform leadership and pave the way for personal growth

The Phoenix team engaged SJO executives in an intensive 5-month developmental process to transform its leadership model. With our support, the organization developed a new direction for management and operations. Phoenix coaches helped the organization’s top management:

  • Design a platform for individual accountability that focused on results and personal growth.

  • Engage in a process to shift some of the decision-making authority over budget and outcomes from the executive level to the middle managers that supervised departments and projects.

  • Transform the organization’s leadership process so middle management teams could collaboratively engage their direct reports in a similar manner.

Results: Improved financial performance and motivated team to embrace change


The new CEO successfully unified the organization’s leaders around a set of strategic inspiring goals. Team members supported one another while identifying and breaking through the barriers to organizational and team growth. They worked collaboratively to implement new programs and initiatives that decentralized an inefficient management system, giving middle managers more authority to make important decisions and a deeper, more personal connection to the organization. With Phoenix Performance Partners’ coaching, the organization’s middle managers:

  • Improved quality, developed new programs, and took advantage of shifting funding sources that resulted in a 10% surplus this year.

  • Rolled out department initiatives that enhanced revenue and curtailed costs in 90 days.

  • Increased the margin of their contribution by an amount equal to 10% of total revenue.

  • Stepped up to become more accountable for program outcomes, as well as their departments’ financial success.

Dr. Daniel Nerad Birmingham
Dr. Daniel Nerad

Superintendent of Schools ~ Birmingham Public Schools, Birmingham, MI 

“Thank you very much for the work you are doing with me. I think the best way I can express myself is to share with you that I appreciate you serving as both a mirror and a window for me with my leadership work. The mirror involves you helping me see what exists in the data about my leadership work, but more importantly helping me see the blind spots that seem to have developed in me as a leader (I believe this is true for all leaders). While difficult and challenging, I am grateful for our discussions and your ideas.”


USC Study - survey of our clients:

We partnered with the University of Southern California, to determine whether our Transformational Leadership Project is effective and that clients are getting what they are promised—value that exceeds their investment. We also wanted to complete the following objectives:

  1. Determine the percentage of CEOs who perceive that they received value that exceeded their investment in Phoenix. 

  2. Determine what specific value CEOs perceive that they received from their work with Phoenix.

  3. Determine the percentage of clients who experienced a positive shift or change of culture due to their experience with Phoenix.

  4. Determine how satisfied clients are with various aspects of Phoenix’s program process and what changes would enable Phoenix to be more effective.

  5. Provide feedback for individual Phoenix team members. What behaviors, skills, or traits do clients appreciate most about each, and what changes could each make to improve their effectiveness with clients?

The results:

Percentage of CEOs who perceive that they received value that exceeded their investment

Group 2.png
“100 times over.”

 “Yes absolutely and that is evidenced by my going back and hiring them again.”

​“We will keep getting dividends each year.”

Even more praise:

Chad Newton ~ CEO for Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)

Ranked by J.D. Power as #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Mega Airports

Learn more from leaders who can speak to our integrity:

We promise results.

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