Superintendents & CEOs use our expertise

to forge cultures that foster growth

We don’t stop until you achieve results.

Phoenix Performance Partners helps leaders create high performing cultures.


Utilizing research on organizational change, techniques for personal growth and decades of experience.


We go well beyond standard team-building exercises and coaching sessions.

We’ll help you and your team make real changes, create elegant strategic plans, take initiative and grow both personally and professionally. Best of all, you’ll be able to build what you learn into your culture so your organization continues to thrive.

Our high-impact learning model guarantees rapid improvements in customer service, quality, productivity, and bottom-line profitability. We promise results, and we insist that you hold us accountable!

We are working virtually during COVID 19 - we're fully operational.

We are here to help! All of our services are being conducted virtually during COVID 19, supporting your business during this crisis. 

"This work with Phoenix has completely exceeded my expectations, and we now have a significantly better team as a result."

Rashod R. Johnson ~ President & CEO, Ardmore-Roderick, Chicago, IL

We help clients:

+ Change your business culture
+ Unify and develop your management team
+ Resolve operational issues
+ Grow your people and your organization
+ Implement an elegant strategy

+ Enhance revenues and profits
+ Improve and develop leaders
+ Improve management systems
+ Enhance operations
+ Create a sustainable organization

100% of CEOs expressed positive change.

Research conducted by the University of Southern California

"This is the best investment I have made in my time as Superintendent. Phoenix is as committed to our kids as we are. And their approach is different from anything I’ve seen in my 30 years as a professional."

Dennis McDavid ~ Superintendent of Schools, Berkley School District

Proudly rated 5-Stars on Google by clients

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Our clients

100% of CEOs express high or very high satisfaction in our programs.

Research conducted by the University of Southern California
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