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Kevin Davis in conversation with Shannon Cohen

Shannon Cohen

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Listen to Shannon Cohen, Founder of Shannon Cohen Inc on the Culture Eats Everything Podcast in conversation with Kevin Davis.

Read more about Shannon Cohen:

Shannon Cohen is the founder and CEO of Shannon Cohen, Inc. — a boutique firm with a mighty imprint and reputation for excellence. Shannon specializes in developing customized emotional intelligence, equity, and wellness colloquia for organizations across diverse sectors and industries. Shannon excels in engaging change agents in transparent conversations about the unspoken truths of leadership and self-care to nurture longevity in leadership. Shannon doesn’t just ‘speak’ to leaders; she speaks ‘into’ the lives of leaders.

YouTube Transcript :

Welcome, everyone, to another episode where we have the chance to hang out with not just a CEO but a super sharp dynamic woman, Shannon Cohen. Let's hear from her and get to know more about what she does.

Thank you, Kevin, for having me here. At the end of the day, I consider myself a "hope dealer," leading an organization that aims to sow hope in the world. I am the founder and CEO of Shannon Cohen Inc., where we invest in the aspirations, vision, and wellness of difference-makers. We do this through various avenues. Firstly, we provide corporate consulting, focusing on the well-being of talent and the holistic wellness of employees. Our world faces challenges like burnout and loneliness, and we help organizations address these issues.

Secondly, we have a line of inspirational products, primarily greeting cards. We have a licensing agreement with American Greetings, making our cards available in 1760 Target stores nationwide and smaller retailers, bookstores, and gift shops.

Lastly, we lead the "Rockstar Woman" movement, a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-generational global movement for high-achieving women. I'm thrilled about how this movement is evolving.

Regarding my personal life, I reside in West Michigan with my husband. We're about to celebrate our 14th anniversary and are proud parents to a fourth-grader. Encouraging others has always come naturally to me, and even as a child, I had a gift for recognizing those who needed a friend. It's in my DNA to focus on emotional intelligence and designing for belonging, which aligns with our business platform.

As for the "Hope Dealer" sweatshirt, it's a creative way to wear our brand as a conversation starter. It sparks curiosity and allows us to discuss who we are and what we do in layman's terms.

Now, some may wonder how hope becomes a business. For me, hope is a powerful force that disrupts, heals, and inspires. As an organization, we focus on our signature brand of inspiration and strategy. We help leaders develop emotional intelligence, essential skills in today's world. These "soft skills" are actually the differentiators between good and great leaders. We coach others on how to connect with people and add that people care element to their leadership approach, something often lacking in traditional education spaces.

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