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Tom Willis in conversation with Vickie Thompson

Vickie Thompson

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Vickie Thompson is President & CEO of The Buckeye Ranch. The Buckeye Ranch offers specialized programming designed to meet the needs of their clients and clients families. Their staff of dedicated Ranch professionals is committed to helping each youth and family achieve their goals. Coming from a family that taught possibility rather than limitation, Vickie has built a career in the health and human service sector with a perspective of sharing in life with every person, regardless of position or ability. In her leadership at The Buckeye Ranch, she is driven by the belief that we have the innate ability to overcome obstacles by working together in community.

The key to inspired leadership is to empower others with the tools to shine bright in their path. Vickie is driven to lead so that as non profits, they can increase the well-being of those they serve and they in turn, can go into community and contribute.

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