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Interchange - January 2023

Your primary job as a CEO is to engage with your team, to ensure every employee is personally committed to serving their customers. This defines engagement. Having people on your team who lack that commitment is like a professional football team with players that don’t like football…but hang around for the paycheck. Doing that job; ensuring that people are engaged, requires a number of capacities and skills:

  1. Speaking and acting in ways that inspire others to engage.

  2. Holding people accountable in a way that they see as supportive.

  3. Being the example of integrity for others, always doing what you say you will.

  4. Evoking a request for coaching from people.

  5. Having “difficult conversations” with people.

Developing and nurturing those behaviors in yourself requires conscious and deliberate thought, and action and emotional control. All of which requires a high level of energy. We are all aware that time management is a key skill, but even more important is energy management. One of the keys to personal growth is managing, actually optimizing your energy.

So, the questions that we suggest you think about, and come prepared to discuss are:

  1. Given your goals for the organization in 2023, what skills or capacities are you personally focused on?

  2. To what extent are you consciously managing your energy?

    1. Are you consciously selecting food that contributes to your health and energy? What could you do?

    2. Are you using exercise to energize yourself? What could you do?

    3. Are you consciously managing your sleep habits? What could you do?

    4. How do your relationships contribute to your overall wellbeing and energy?

      1. Social relationships

      2. Intimate relationships?

    5. What could you do to foster such relationships?

    6. What practices do you, or could you, engage in regularly(daily?) to nurture your personal Commitment to a higher purpose?

Harness Your Energy 1.23
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