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The Phoenix Approach

Whether you are looking for personal coaching or team-wide transformation, our behavior-based tools and techniques will help your organization make deep, sustainable changes.

Strategic Planning

CEO’s call on us when they want an elegant, executable Strategy, rather than an unwieldy strategic plan.


Our methodology ensures effective implementation by:

- Unleashing creativity through a team-based discovery process.
- Fostering personal commitment from each member of the team.
- Establishing individual accountability for execution.

Work with a pioneer in High-Impact learning

We’ve spent 25 years developing creative, custom solutions that work. We help you understand why you need to change and teach you how to develop strategies and action plans to:​

+ Change your business culture

+ Unify and develop your management team


+ Resolve operational issues


+ Grow your people and your organization


+ Implement an elegant strategy

+ Improve and develop leaders


+ Improve management systems

+ Enhance revenues and profits

+ Enhance operations


+ Create a sustainable organization

Strategic Planning

One-on-one Executive Coaching

Discover the root causes behind your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, then learn how to inspire your team and improve performance. You will emerge from this personalized program with a set of inspirational goals, more self-awareness, and a roadmap for transforming your goals into action.

Team Coaching

Help your team understand their behavioral tendencies and those of their colleagues so they feel more united and engaged in the organization. Team members will learn how to coach one another and will create personal development plans that incorporate goal-setting activities, implementation strategies and a plan to measure performance and progress. Managers who participate in our team coaching become more accountable for their performance and ensure accountability throughout the organization.

Are you committed to sustainable change? We are.

Many coaches create relationships that encourage the client to become dependent on the coach. We encourage independence and relationships within your organization.
Phoenix Performance Partners can help your team relate to one another in more powerful ways to develop a high-performance culture. With our guidance, Phoenix clients generate new ways to approach familiar situations because real change requires more than a simple commitment.

One-to-one coachig
Team Coaching
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