Courageous Conversations

Addressing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Talking about Race

People are now talking more openly about race. And many of us are doing so with members of the “other race” more so than ever before. But… how many people are listening with the intention of really understanding the experience of the speaker?  


The bad news is that humans tend to listen with the intent of either... 

  • Finding ideas that agree with our own.

  • Listening just long enough so we can dispute what the other person says.  


Human nature contains a need to be RIGHT and to judge others who disagree with us as WRONG. Dismissing those WRONG opinions and the people who espouse them leaves both parties frustrated, defensive and angry. So, we avoid the conversations.

The good news is that this behavior is mostly unconscious. There is a better way. 











If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into this, we are offering two options:

Option A: Courageous Conversations: Leader Training

Option B: Courageous Conversations: Creating an Inclusive Culture

Option A

Option B

Courageous Conversations: Leader Training 

Join others leaders from across the country and from a variety of industries.  This Diversity, Equity & Inclusion experience is for anyone looking to grow in their ability to have Courageous Conversations. 

Courageous Conversations: Creating an Inclusive Culture  

This training is for leadership teams. This training is customized for each organization and is invite-only.

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Business Meeting

Leader training

 Leader Training is for leaders who are looking to equip themselves to foster an environment of Inclusion, which we believe is seminal to Equity and Diversity. 

Overarching Goals for each training:

  • To equip leaders with the tools to facilitate an open dialogue about race (and other difficult conversations) in their organization. 

  • For leaders to enhance their capacity to have conversations with associates that reveal their own unconscious beliefs and biases, developing conscious awareness.

  • To support the development of openness within their culture that facilitates everyday discussions to help people reveal their unconscious beliefs and emotions:  Those that support effective relationships and those that impede them. 

  • To advance a culture where confronting difficult issues is accepted as necessary to produce forward movement and is conducted in a manner that strengthens interpersonal relationships. 

Courageous Conversations Webinar Event
The role of the unconscious in race discussions
In Order To Create A More Perfect Union

Why Phoenix?


For 30 years, Phoenix Performance Partners has been helping CEOs create high performing, inclusive cultures.  We are known for:

helping clients get to the root-cause of difficult-to-discuss, high-stakes topics like race in a manner that is direct, supportive and valuable.  ​

facilitating the development of open, collaborative, coaching cultures that inspire creativity, engagement, innovation, and improved results.

Proudly rated 5-Stars on Google by clients

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"This work with Phoenix has completely exceeded my expectations, and we now have a significantly better team as a result."

Rashod R. Johnson ~ President & CEO, Ardmore-Roderick, Chicago, IL

We partnered with the University of Southern California, to determine whether our Transformational Leadership Project is effective and that clients are getting what they are promised—value that exceeds their investment. We also wanted to complete the following objectives:

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