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Interchange - February 2023

As an extension of the discussion we began last month about engagement and energy, the topic of this month is a deeper dive into the subject.  It is an opportunity to or explore your own personal habits and how you're doing at producing energy. Attached is a new tool we've created: The Engaged Life Inventory. This is a beta version of what we will put online shortly. You'll notice that on the first sheet in the excel spreadsheet is a questionnaire to fill out. On the second sheet you will see a graph that displays the scores to the questions you answer on the first sheet. Below the graph is a breakout of the questions listed by category which is designed to help you stimulate thought and insight. We suggest that you:


  1. Use the journal that we sent you to document your thoughts insights

  2. Consider what habits you might declare  to better generate energy.

  3. Decide what habit(s) you are going to commit to and for how long.


Some time ago we came up with a formula for vitality that looks like this: vitality = energy produced - energy used


So in addition to giving thought to what it is that you can consciously do to produce energy we want to introduce the question: What are the things that really SAP your energy and what might you be able to do to minimize the effect of those?


If you didn't make our session in January or you'd like a refresher I made a video on the subject and it can be found here:

Engaged LIfe Inventory questionairre
Download XLSX • 21KB

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