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Five Characteristics That Great Team Players Share

Every team needs someone who is committed to completing the task and achieving the goal. And the very best teams take turns being this person because the reality is that everyone has a bad day or week and needs to rely on their team mates during these tough times.

And while most of us can easily list the qualities of negative team members, it is much harder to pinpoint the qualities of strong team players. As a starting point, we offer these five characteristics that every good team member possesses:

1. Reliable


A strong team player is someone that people can always count on. This does not mean they will always say yes to everthing. Quite the contrary… reliable people act with integrity which means their yes means yes. And their no means no. Because if someone can’t say no with integrity then they can never say yes with integrity. When a team member is reliable, you can trust them to get the work done before deadlines, keep their word, and produce great work in a consistent manner.

2. Communicates Effectively and Confidently


Some team members may have great ideas, but they are not likely to speak up because they are concerned that their idea isn’t perfect. Great team players on the other hand do not hesitate to speak up confidently when they have an idea while also being respectful of other team members’ opinions and standpoints. These great team members are quick to ask lots of open ended questions as a way of understanding what others are saying and as a way of getting the best ideas out of everyone.

3. Takes on Extra Responsibilities


Good team players will get their part of the job done, but great team players will take on more responsibilities than what was asked of them. They understand that in order to learn and continuously grow, they need to step outside of their comfort zones and take more risks.

4. Adapts Without Much Trouble


When going through some changes, great team players will not take too much time adapting to new situations. In addition to being flexible, they act in a professional manner by being able to handle the stress that comes with any change. This, in turn, will encourage others in the team to do the same.

5. Shows Passion and Commitment


Some team members come to work and do their job just to get their paycheck. Strong team players, on the other hand, make the most out of their time to ensure that positive work relationships with others on the team are established.

They also show genuine commitment toward other team members in the hopes that they will also return the same level of commitment. Great team players come to work with passion and commitment to drive the team forward.

The Bottom Line


Contrary to common belief, great team players are not always extroverts fond of socializing with others. There are no fixed personalities for great team players. You only have to be an active team player who is willing to do more than what was assigned. In the end, you will be recognized for your positive performance, thus gaining more meaningful connections to thrive in your career.



Core Idea:

People don't always operate at their best, that's why a strong supportive team is core for any workplace. This article gives 5 characteristics all team members should possess for the foundation of a strong team.

Key take away:

There are no specific personalities for great team players. You only have to be an active team player who is willing to do more than what was assigned.

About the author(s):

Tom Willis is a Co-Founder and Partner with Phoenix Performance Partners. He had the great honor of serving as CEO for Cornerstone; a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers; and an engineer with the Intel Corporation. His life is all about helping others uncover their talents so they can reach their unlimited potential and their organization can thrive.

| Linkedin: Tom

Brad Zimmerman is a Co-Founder and Partner with Phoenix Performance Partners. Zimmerman turned to organizational coaching more than 26 years ago following a successful career in sales and operations. Today, he helps businesses, nonprofits and other organizations develop cultures that transform work environments so people grow and the organizations thrive.

| Linkedin: Brad


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